Joshua Ashmore

Student seeking paid internship to complete degree in Business Management.

About me

I am a freelance web developer and designer based in Houston, TX. I am currently working to complete my degree in Business Management. I also work in an Italian Restaurant as well as the technology department on campus part time. I like Apple, Google, music and great food. Technology is my life, now and forever.

Professional Experience

HCC 11/2013 to Present
IT Department, PT
Currently Employed
  • Learn to use pre-existing computer systems
  • Develop and promote ideas for system performance
  • Work closely with Faculty, Staff and Students

KWHA 05/2013 to 05/2015
2 Years
  • Design new website to meet w3c standards
  • Update website with fresh content
  • Develop applications tailored to company's needs


HTML5, Bootstrap

PHP, MySQL, jQuery

CSS3, XML, Tropo

GarageBand, Photoshop

“Big jobs usually go to the men
who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”

— Theodore Roosevelt